Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy week, two birthdays

Looking up at Grandma adoringly

Dear Maya,

This has been quite a busy week and the weekend will be, too, so mommy's going to make this a short post.

For the last three days we have been running around a lot.  On Wednesday, mommy helped with preparation for the town's annual charity pig roast by designing signs and cutting tickets, etc.  You were very well-behaved and loved our previous landlady's big sheepdog, Nutmeg, even when she gave you big wet kisses.

Look what you managed the other day--holding your own bottle!

On Thursday after daddy got home from work we went to get his tire fixed (you were so good and smiley at the repair shop!) and did some shopping and errands.  Then yesterday, we went to visit daddy at work at the flower nursery.  We brought muffins and lemon curd to thank them for their support and for gifts they've given you.

We can tell you want to crawl, you just haven't figured out how to coordinate your arms and legs yet.

This weekend daddy finally has more than a day off, and you will be spending a lot of it with him.  Mommy is going to help out with pig roast preparations again today and the event itself is tomorrow.  Then we are going to spend Memorial Day with family.  The weather should be sunny so we're looking forward to being outside!

Warmer weather means thinner pajamas--mommy was so excited to pull these cuties out!

One more thing before mommy signs off.  This week two important people in our lives had birthdays.  We sent these photos framed as part of their gifts and they have both told me they're already displaying them proudly:

Happy birthday, Grandpa!

Happy birthday, Great-grandma!

Love you, Maya!

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