Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping up with Maya

Dear Maya,

You're growing, learning and changing so quickly these days, it's hard to keep up.  Mommy feels like she's running from morning 'til night and you're not even really crawling yet.  What will happen when you do start moving around on your own?  Mommy's going to have to buy roller skates!

You've really started to show us your likes and dislikes.  You stop talking or fussing if you catch sight of the kitty and your eyes follow her until she leaves the room again.  Clio has started to take more of an interest in you, too, and even seems to like it when you pet her (i.e. pull her fur).

You also like chewing on teethers, though I don't think you're actually teething yet.  The feel of the frozen ring really pleased you the other day when the temperatures rose, but your most favorite part of that day was spending most of it naked except for your diaper.  You loved it!

You also love going outside, and even had your first experience sitting on the lawn the other day. Mommy wanted to take your picture amongst all the wild violets in the grass.  It's a good thing she did it then, because a man came and mowed them away the next day.

One thing you don't like is sleeping, it seems.  It has been getting harder and harder to get you to have decent naps during the day.  I can see how you would want to stay up and admire the view from the window next to you, but still...

Alas, the nights have been even worse.  Last night you woke up at least once every hour between midnight and 6 or 7am, hollering for us to get up and pay attention to you or feed you.  Mommy's researching some sleep training methods that we'll be trying soon.  Be forewarned!

This is what we want to see more often!
Love you!

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