Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our three graduating girls...

Dear Maya,

Mommy is posting early this week for a change because there is quite a bit to report.

First of all, sweet potatoes are a big hit with you.  Mommy even added a dab of unsalted butter because she read that eating a bit of fat along with orange vegetables like that help your body absorb the beta carotene.  Who knew?! The few extra calories from the butter are probably a good thing for you right now anyways.

Second of all, your Aunt Kelsie and Aunt Bobbie graduated from high school last Saturday.  Oh. My. Goodness! To mommy, it seems like they were your size/age only just yesterday.  We all arrived at the school about two hours before the ceremony so we could get good seats, so we got to sit right up front.

During the graduation you took turns hiding in mommy's arms when people clapped, looking around when people were dancing in the aisles (yes, there was a flash mob during the ceremony!), and being cranky.  Daddy had to take you out into the hallway a couple of times so you wouldn't interrupt the proceedings.

All in all you were good, though, considering we completely ruined your nap schedule for the day.  After the ceremony you were plenty smiley enough to take some cute pictures outside even though the morning's chilly weather had turned quite hot and humid.  You even got to try on one of your aunts' graduation caps!

photo courtesy of Elizabeth's dad :)
The last couple of days you have been working towards graduating yourself--that is, graduating from life on all fours to life on two feet.  You have started pulling yourself up even though you haven't turned 6 months old yet!  Just after these pictures taken yesterday, you even let go with one of your hands for a second!

Well, tomorrow's going to be a very special day, but we'll be talking about that in next week's post.
Love you!


  1. I love love love that last crawling picture, looks like she forgoes her knees entirely! TOOOOOOOO Cute!!!

  2. Thanks! Sometimes she crawls on her knees, sometimes her feet--we're in trouble!