Friday, June 17, 2011

We're in trouble now

Dear Maya,

Sweet, adorable, wonderful baby you are, you've been stirring things up around here this week.

fuzzy alpaca pants make crawling on a slippery floor difficult

Monday, we went to see the pediatrician for your regular monthly appointment.  As we waited for the nurse to come in the room, mommy flipped back in her notes to look at all the questions we'd had to ask the doctor in previous visits.  Comparatively, we had very few concerns this month to address...or so mommy thought.

You can hold toys and play with both hands while sitting now--wow!

When the nurse weighed you, you were 3 ounces less than last month.  She weighed you again and it was the same.  The physician came in and we went down the hall to weigh you on a different scale.  Same thing.  After I explained how active you've been, they said there's probably nothing to worry about with a little weight loss.

Your new walker-thingy

Still, mommy has been worried about it, wondering if it's something she has or hasn't been eating, or the extra exercising she's been doing.  It doesn't help that for the three days since your appointment you've been spitting up a lot.  The pediatrician recommended we start you on solid foods so we plan to do that this weekend.

"Wait!  Usually I get the box and you get what's inside!  Not fair!" --Clio

Obviously you aren't wasting away, though, because mommy has now thrown her back out from picking up your little sandbag body all the time.  Obvious you aren't lethargic, either, as you started crawling for real yesterday!!!  This is the other reason for the title "we're in trouble now"--time to start chasing you around!

click to play the video of the 'chameleon crawl' are the top three laugh out loud photos from this week:

Too cute!
Love you!

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