Friday, July 22, 2011

Little summer love bug

Dear Maya,

Mommy's birthday was last Thursday and you gave her the best present--an unexpected kiss! We taught you "Kiss, kiss" a few weeks back but usually you ration your drooly, open-mouthed pecks to about once every ten requests. This was the first time you ever gave a kiss without being asked first. Mommy was so happy!

On Saturday we had a party at Grandma and Poppa Stan's house. You kept everyone busy trying to entertain you when you were cranky, and kept everyone laughing with your antics when you were in a good mood. You may have wanted some birthday cake, but seemed just as pleased with some sweet potato instead.

You've added spinach and cantaloupe to your list of yummy foods this week. Mommy and daddy weren't sure how you'd react to the spinach especially, but after a few tentative funny faces as you rolled it around in your mouth for the first time, you really got into it. Now we have no worries about you getting enough iron.

This photo reminds me of your great-grandpa Jameson with his handlebar mustache.
I really wish you could have met him and your great-grandma Jameson...

At your pediatrician visit Wednesday, we were pleased to find that you didn't lose weight again. You came in at 16 pounds 12 ounces (up 12 ounces) and 27 3/4 inches (up 3/4 inch) in length. When mommy reported that you crawl like crazy and pull up at this young age, the doctor said we might have an athlete on our hands!

One of your new favorite games--being (lightly) tossed by daddy

Well, it's brutally hot today for the second day in a row, so mommy needs to get away from the extra heat of this laptop now. We're going to have a really hectic and hard couple of weeks coming up, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and stop zapping all of our energy and making you cranky. We love you!

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