Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunny skies, starry wishes

Dear Maya,

Summer has really settled in, finally, with hot weather more often than not this past week.  We've had some lovely warm and breezy evenings and we've taken you for walks outside during your witching hour just before bed.  The light this time of day is magical and makes the view from our home on the hill even more gorgeous.

Now that you are sitting up by yourself so easily, mommy finally got to take some photos that she has been wanting to take.  Unfortunately it was your cranky time of day so you tore this huge leaf up in the process, but mommy still got some good shots of you looking like the little cabbage patch kid of her dreams. :)

Last Thursday we celebrated the Japanese festival Tanabata.  Daddy wrote our wishes on brightly-colored strips of paper and we hung them from a willow branch (because we didn't have any bamboo).  This is done in Japan on July 7th, the day each year when the star-crossed lovers Princess Orihime and Prince Hikoboshi (a.k.a. stars Vega and Altair) wish to be reunited from the opposite sides of the Milky Way according to the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Cowherd.'  For more on this romantic story and the festival, click here.

It seems Clio was jealous that we didn't pose her for a photo, too,
so she sat there and waited for us to notice and take a picture.
Since this time last week you have tried two new fruits: mango and watermelon.  When mommy fed you the mango, the first three or four bites went as successfully as all other foods you've eaten.  Then, suddenly, you threw a fit and wouldn't take another bite.  If it was mixed with banana you were okay, but when the ratio of mango to banana hit more than 50 percent, you got angry and stopped eating.  This morning's attempt with slightly chunky watermelon was much more well-received.  I guess you know what you like and don't like!

'Chewing' on your first piece of watermelon

Making a mess with oatmeal and carrot

Well, it's going to be another full day around here with you spending some time with Grandma and Poppa Stan while mommy and daddy go out for mommy's birthday.  We hope you'll be a good girl as usual.  We'll be sure to pick up some nice fruits and veggies for you, but don't worry--we'll steer clear of the mangoes!

Love you!


  1. Oh my goodness. Your baby is too adorable for words. What a little sweetheart! I love the eating pictures. I miss those days oh so much! Sweet, sweet images!