Friday, August 26, 2011

Outings, accessories, unrequited love

Dear Maya, 

It's been a wonderful week with you. Although we still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, the pace has slowed a little and you and mommy have spent several long, cuddly mornings in bed. And in the afternoons, we have gone on a few quick outings so we can start to get the feel of our new neighborhood.  

On Tuesday we took advantage of the lovely weather and went to the park that is just a stone's throw from our front door. It has this beautiful creek that reflected the mountains and the gorgeous sky, complete with chairs set up to sit and enjoy the view. And facing the opposite direction from this camera angle is our house!

On Wednesday we went to the library that is just a tiny bit further down the road and on the other side from the park. Although it was just built recently and is still in the process of filling shelves, there are plenty of books and a wide open floor with toys near the children's book area. It's perfect for you to explore.

Mommy has taken these outings as opportunities to get you accustomed to wearing shoes. Now that you stand almost as much as you sit or crawl, it's probably better to protect your feet from rocks or other sharp things. You keep trying to put your shoes in your mouth but otherwise don't seem to hate them too much.

Unfortunately, we have not been so lucky with this hat. Your Great-Grandpa has been talking about getting you a baseball cap for months now, and last weekend your Great Aunt Sue finally found one your size. As soon as you figured out how to pull it off, though, mommy couldn't keep it on you. We'll have to keep trying...

We have been joking about all the unrequited love in our new house. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi have a boy cat named Lightning who really seems interested in our girl Clio, but she hisses and runs away from him every time. However, she is getting friendlier with you and has even curled up next to you when mommy nurses you on the bed. As soon as you stop nursing and start moving, though, she's usually ready to hit the road. Hey, at least she gave you a fighting chance in the following succession of photos. You must be growing on her.

The other unrequited love we joke about around here is your newfound affection for Kermit the Frog. Uncle Matt has this puppet and can do a spot-on voice and movement impersonation of the real thing. You are hooked. When asked, "Where's Rhi?" or "Where's the kitty?" you always look in the right direction, but usually it takes time for you to become familiar with a new name. You have remembered "Kermit" in record time, though, and love to give him kisses and play with his hands and mouth. We won't tell Miss Piggy...

Well, mommy has to go charge some batteries and organize the candles. We're getting the house ready for the effects of Hurricane Irene this weekend and plan on moving your bed into our room for the duration. Not that we're worried about you sleeping, as you recently slept through fireworks that were basically over our house.

Love you!


  1. You take really lovely photos of your beautiful little girl!!!

  2. Thanks, Margaret, and thanks for always reading!