Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maya Motormouth is born!

Dear Maya,
There is so much to report about this last week that it's hard to know where to start. I guess the biggest news is that you are becoming quite the little chatterbox. Your 'first word' was about ten days ago, but after saying it several times one afternoon, we didn't hear it again for a few days so we thought it was a fluke. You started up with it again this week so now we know it's for real: we get to hear you say "Uh-oh" several times a day! Your intonation is perfect and your voice so cute--now if only you knew what it meant... Oh, well.

Mommy has also been trying to get you to say "toh-chan" which is "daddy" in Japanese. You're familiar with the word because mommy uses it all the time and you look to him when she says it. Hilariously, though, on many occasions when mommy has repeated it over and over, you have copied the intonation but instead said "daa-daa" as if you were translating for everyone else in the room. Tonight, though, when mommy said "toh-chan" by your ear you gave us a very close version of it. You made daddy so, so happy!

This weekend we helped Auntie Rhi set up for the library Halloween event. There was a scary haunted house (which didn't bother you in the least) and some other events for younger kids, too. You were such a good sport considering you missed your nap and mommy kept taking pictures of you on prickly hay bales outside.

We've spent a lot of time with family this week. Grandma and Poppa Stan made a quick trip up from North Carolina in the middle of the week after Aunt Kelsie had a car accident (she is absolutely fine, thank goodness!) Also, Aunt Bobbie came home from college two weekends in a row. It was so good to see her!

This weekend we also celebrated Uncle Matt's upcoming 30th birthday with daddy's homemade pizza, Mountain Dew cupcakes from mommy, cards, presents, and candy. Grandma and Poppa Stan even wore birthday hats when we Skyped with them so we could all sing "Happy Birthday" together. It was funny!

 Well, mommy's got to go get some laundry folded before bed. Love you, sweetie!

photo by Auntie Rhi

P.S. This week you started eating lentils and played dress-up with Aunt Kelsie's panda costume. You're so cute!!!

photo by Auntie Rhi

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