Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spring flowers, Autumn snow?!?

Dear Maya, 

Just a few quick updates tonight because it is getting late...

Mommy was hoping to get some photos of you among the lovely fallen leaves, but all of the sudden we've got snow! Here we are in October and we had an inch or two Thursday night into Friday morning. The weather was gorgeous on Friday and it pretty much all melted, but now here I am on Saturday night listening to the plows going back and forth. This afternoon it started coming down hard as we were on our way home and now we have several inches and the lights keep flickering. And did I mention that it's October?!?!?

Mommy took you outside Friday morning to see what all the fuss was about and to see how you would react. You were quietly curious as you touched the snow and watched it stick to your hands and melt away. Then your biggest interest seemed to be getting it into your mouth before it dripped away.

Although your final Halloween costume won't be debuted until tomorrow, we played around with another costume accessory today. This is something that mommy picked up a couple of years ago, looking forward to the day she would have a little girl to wear it. And now here you are, my little flower.

At first you just humored us, keeping it on long enough for a click of the camera before pulling it off. Then you began to really play with it and it looked as if you were trying to put it back on yourself. You are so funny!

And did I mention the significance of this little costume piece? Well, mommy wore one very similar to it for Halloween when she was a little girl! Check it out!

The other big news this week is the arrival of your third tooth! It's your upper left front tooth and though it doesn't seem to be causing you any pain or crankiness during the day, it could be part of the reason you haven't been sleeping as well as usual lately. 

Speaking of sleep, it's really time mommy gets to bed herself. Love you!

P.S. New foods = butternut squash, sweet dumpling squash, white rice, snow :)
P.P.S. New word = "Wow"


  1. So adorable!!! I love her looking through the flower headband! :)

  2. Hee hee! She's such a cute little nut!