Saturday, October 15, 2011

Terror on two feet

Dear Maya,

This week has been a blur. There have been late night and early morning crying sessions on your part that may have contributed to that, but there are a lot of projects that mommy and daddy have been busy with, too. And have we mentioned that chasing after you and cleaning up after you is getting to be quite the challenge?

We have three of these storage ottomans and you like to open them up
and pull out their contents, oh, about fifty times a day!
When you've been wreaking too much havoc, we resort to that favorite parental no-no:
sitting you in front of a computer screen. You love watching the YouTube video for
the Japanese children's song "Omocha no cha-cha-cha," so we take advantage...
--Super cute outfit courtesy of great-grandma and great-grandpa

You also continue to pull down your board books and
spread them out around your room as often as you can.
You may try to use your pajamas as camouflage, but we still see you over there getting into everything!

And, of course, we're getting closer and closer to your first Halloween! We're still working on the homemade costumes that we will wear for the actual holiday, but tonight you tried on the adorable costume that grandma sent to you. You may not have been particularly comfortable in it, but you sure were cute!!!

In these first three photos, the mouse that was included with the costume kept you entertained enough...

...But then the furry hat part got on your nerves and you really started to look the part of a lion.


Rest assured--once the hat was off, you were back to your mild-mannered little lion cub self!

Well, mommy is going to get some rest now because tomorrow looks like it will be a busy day. Love you!

P.S. Tonight you tried one of the packets of baby food that your grandparents sent over from Japan for you. It was perfect for the season, too--pumpkin macaroni gratin. You loved it!!!

P.P.S. Despite the title of this post, mommy in no way thinks that you are a terror! I was just playing on the Halloween theme and your 'scary' lion costume.


  1. I love the lion roar face! Super cute! :)

  2. Thanks! I love that photo and look at it whenever I need a laugh!