Thursday, November 17, 2011

Attack of the doppelgangers...

Maya doppelganger #1: Laa Laa
Dear Maya,
Well, this week's post is going to be brief. We haven't even gotten to take any photos of you this week. I think that's a first! Mommy even forgot to take a picture of you with your Aunt Bobbie when we went on a road trip to visit her at college on Tuesday.

Maya doppelganger #2: Italian actor Salvatore Cascio in the movie "Cinema Paradiso"

It seems that you have yet to recover from skipping your naps that day, because you've been cranky for two days straight. We understand--babies have off days, too. It's just that it's so rare for you to be this difficult, and so you've spoiled us. We need to remember that.

Maya doppelganger #3: Japanese candy-maker Fujiya's mascot, Peko-chan

You've been really hungry, too. Perhaps it's a growth spurt, or maybe you're just excited that you get more finger foods these days. You got to practice picking up edamame this week and had your first corn, too. Every day now you get at least one snack in addition to your three meals, if not two.

Maya doppelganger #4: Let's Go Fishin' game fish

Well, mommy's going to go sign off and enjoy some TV time with daddy. Here's looking forward to a visit with your great-grandparents on Saturday, the arrival of Grandma and Poppa Stan on Tuesday, and watching you eat your first turkey on your first Thanksgiving! Things are going to start looking up, I know it!

Love you!

Maya doppelganger #5: The dramatic chipmunk/prairie dog

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