Saturday, November 26, 2011

We are so thankful...

Dear Maya,

This week was your first Thanksgiving.

The busyness started last Saturday with a visit to your great-grandparents, then a long day of food shopping in five different stores. You were well-behaved, as always, until we got home. While we were busy putting the groceries away you very quietly pulled all the tissues out of a box. It was pretty funny, actually.

with Grandma
On Tuesday your Grandma and Papa Stan arrived from North Carolina with their dog, Tessa. They brought you a Cabbage Patch Kid and an adorable elephant toy that shoots balls out of his nose. You aren't too crazy about your new doll yet but you figured out how to turn the elephant switch on pretty quickly.

with mommy and daddy
Mommy and daddy spent a large part of Wednesday in the kitchen preparing food for Thanksgiving and other meals. You hung out in the other room with Grandma and Stan and the dog, chattering and laughing and happy as a clam. At the time it seemed you were taking all this extra attention and activity in stride.

the whole gang (with mommy taking the picture)

Thursday we had our big meal in the evening. Auntie Rhi was taking care of the turkey so mommy and daddy weren't in the kitchen quite as much. We paid more attention to you but still you decided you weren't tired and cried through your entire morning nap time. We were worried the rest of the day would be difficult.

eating your first turkey!

spitting out your first turkey!
you didn't like the texture no matter how small it was cut up or what it was mixed with
but when mommy pureed it with some pears today you finally ate it all up!

You weren't yourself on Thanksgiving and still haven't completely recovered. But, considering all of the extra stimuli what with lots of people, new toys, new foods, and a dog, you were pretty good. It was actually really good practice for a couple of big days we have coming up next month--Christmas and your 1st birthday!

opening and closing doors is your new hobby, especially closing them

We have so much to be thankful for in you--a sweet, fun, easygoing, loving, smart, strong and adorable little girl.
Love you!

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