Monday, December 19, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus!

Dear Maya,

It's been another busy, Christmassy week around here.

You attended your first Christmas party at daddy's boss' house on Saturday night. After a short while being shy and sitting on mommy's lap, you warmed up to everyone and started running around like you owned the place. You got to try your first red bell pepper, Brussels sprouts and some pineapple and you loved them all. Aside from falling into the Christmas tree comically and getting just a little bit whiny when it got to be past your bedtime, you were very well-behaved and everyone loved you.

On Sunday you got to meet Santa Claus at a local nursery! We were so lucky that there were very few children there so we didn't have to wait long to meet him. At first you cried a little when mommy went to put you on his lap, but when I sat down next to him with you on my lap, you were just fine. He got one tiny little smile out of you when he tickled your belly, but the rest of the time you were straight-faced, even when he put his jingle bells on your shoe! Santa told mommy not to blink because you'll be all grown up before we know it. Tell me about it--you're almost one already!

At the nursery there was also a hallway filled with fun displays like robotic elves and lit up reindeer, but you didn't seem too impressed. Outside they even had some goats, chickens and an alpaca, too, but nothing got much of a reaction from you. I guess you were still recovering from staying out late partying the night before!

Last night mommy finally got around to doing something she had been meaning to do for a couple of weeks--making you your own little mini Christmas tree. We have a sad little artificial tree we weren't using, and the top section of it was the perfect size for you. Mommy anchored it in an oatmeal container (Uncle Matt's idea) disguised with white tissue paper. Add some lights, unbreakable ornaments like jingle bells and your Santa hat that you don't like wearing and, voila! A tree just for you!

Well, there are cards to be written and presents to be wrapped, so mommy is going to sign off for tonight. Love you!


  1. Many cute photos but my fav is her by that little tree ... she's so cute! Enjoy your first Christmas with her!!!

  2. Thanks, Margaret! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!