Monday, December 5, 2011

What child is this?

Dear Maya,

December has arrived! Your first Christmas and first birthday are almost here! When did that happen?!?

"Daddy, keep that shampoo out of my eyes, kay?"

Lately it's been a bit busy around here but you pretty much go with the flow--like when you're in the kitchen you do get under our feet but sometimes you also help close the cabinet and refrigerator doors. Mommy would rather you not close them while she is trying to get something out, but it's sweet you're trying to help.

"I'm gonna borrow your car for a bit, okay Aunt Kelsie?"

Speaking of the kitchen, your appetite has certainly increased in the last two weeks. It seems Thanksgiving awakened you to the idea of eating a lot and you're not turning back. We can hardly turn around after filling your tray or feeding you a bite and you're ready for more. You now eat soy beans, tofu and you love nori.

"Ready for nap time, mommy"

Your personality is really shining lately, too. Tonight at the dinner table we adults were all having a lively conversation and it was as if you were interjecting your thoughts, too, in the form of joyful shouts and breathy giggles. You have such an adorable sense of humor. Also, a new phrase you repeat quite often is "good girl," and mommy swears she even heard you say it the other day after hearing the Japanese equivalent, "oriko." Could it be that you are simultaneously translating already?

"What's that big thing in the dining room?" *rubs eyes*

Today mommy and Auntie Rhi set up a Christmas tree in the dining room while you were napping, and you seemed a little confused but amused when you woke up. You didn't quite help us with the decorating--actually you kept taking all the glitter ornaments back off the tree--but it was fun to watch you run around and enjoy the process. This weekend we're going to get a real tree and decorate it with more traditional decorations and colors, but for today we used these cool, modern colors to make a fun tree.

"So this stuff gets hung on that tree there? Sounds easy enough"

"I'll just untangle these beads here for ya"

"Here--you guys hang this up and I'll supervise"

Well, mommy needs to finish up and get some sleep. You've been getting up at 4:30 every morning lately so our days start very early. We've got a new idea we're trying out starting tomorrow, though. Hopefully we can help convince you to stay in bed at least until 5:00... Sigh...

Love you!

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