Monday, March 19, 2012

It's easy being green...

Dear Maya,

We've had some unbelievably warm weather for mid-March in these parts and the spring bulbs are shooting up all over the place. Everyone is thrilled to be spending time outdoors even after the mild winter we had, and you are no exception. We went to the park last week and yesterday you played in the yard barefoot. Yeah!

green grass

Of course it was also a green weekend because of St. Patrick's Day. Mommy dressed you in this funny little outfit complete with rainbow Babylegs and you ran around with your little jar of gumballs like a leprechaun with gold. Mommy made two kinds of corned beef and cabbage for dinner and you loved it.

green shirt

green shamrocks and a French 'leprechaun' in our entryway display

Yesterday we celebrated Auntie Rhi's birthday. While she was out you helped mommy decorate the kitchen--we went with yellow instead of green for her birthday to match the pretty flowers someone sent her (plus that's the color of the balloons and streamers we had leftover from your birthday). When she came home we gave her presents and had cupcakes and cookies. You loved your marbled cupcake and ginger snaps. Sorry you didn't get to eat any of the mint chocolate cupcakes, but that would've been sugar overload for you.

'green' party decor (manga pages cut in the shape of butterflies)

Mommy noticed that you have a new tooth on top towards the back. That explains why you've had your hand in your mouth so much lately, but you haven't been cranky. You've always taken teething in stride so it's not really surprising, but mommy thought the back ones would hurt more. So glad you're still your chipper self.

more green(ish) grass 

Continuing with last week's word recognition, you now know what "spin" means and start spinning around and around as soon as mommy says the word. The funny thing is that you don't seem to be able to stop (or maybe you don't want to) until you're about ready to fall down. Luckily you haven't hurt yourself, funny girl.

'green' play--you love your boxes as much as the toys that come in them

Well, good night my little munchkin. Mommy's going to bed with the window open a crack so she can hear the green frogs singing her to sleep. It's going to be a beautiful spring, my dear, just wait!

green peas

P.S. Another update on mommy's baby clothes obsession habit. As mentioned last week, ThredUp, the website through which we acquired the adorable patent leather shoes and denim skirt in the above photos, will sadly be ending the swapping side of their company in a couple days. Luckily mommy has found some suitable replacements. We will now be swapping clothes (and other items) with some great ladies on as well as buying and selling some consignment items via a couple groups called "Swap Closet" and "Everything BUT the Kitchen Sink" on Facebook. You are still going to be one economically but stylishly dressed little girl. Oh, and green, too!

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