Monday, March 5, 2012

This time last year

Dear Maya,

Last week Mommy mentioned how comical and musical you are, but we didn't have very good video evidence to back that up. Well, the other night while Daddy was getting you changed and ready for bed, Mommy was able to get some documentation of each aspect of your budding personality.

First, the comical one:

And now, the musical one:

This is a far cry (har har) from your vocal stylings this time last year:

Which brings Mommy to the theme for this post: This time last year vs. This week.

This time last year, Mommy got this adorable dress through the awesome clothing swap website ThredUp.

This week you've worn some of the adorable outfits Mommy got you from the thrift store last weekend.

This time last year Mommy made this little happi for you, and we can't believe it still sort of fits you now!

This week we celebrated the Japanese Festival of Dolls by displaying the set of dolls your grandparents sent.

 This time last year we put you in a t-shirt featuring an owl, your grandmother's favorite, for her birthday.

This week, we put a new owl t-shirt on you to send this photo greeting to her for her special day.

おばあちゃん、誕生日おめでどう!はやく会っていっしょにあそぼうね! まや

Well, aside from your new tooth (#7!), new foods (Great-grandma's mac n' cheese and fried chicken!) and new tricks (walking backwards and spinning in circles!), that pretty much sums up your week. Maya, we love you yesterday, today and tomorrow, too (ala one of your fave books, "I Love You Through and Through)!

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