Monday, April 9, 2012

Baskets full of joy

Dear Maya,

It's been a busy week since we got back from North Carolina, but a special one.

Daddy's been working a lot, mommy's been working here and there, and we've been taking care of a couple dogs (you call them "da" for "dog" consistently!) while mommy's old boss is out of town. Somehow we managed to get ready for the special events of the weekend in and around our busy schedules.

In our entryway, mommy hung some wooden eggs from branches up high and carrots from branches down lower, but you only ever notice your sweet bunny. Mommy thought maybe you could try your hand at decorating eggs this year, but there just wasn't time so we colored them Thursday night after you went to bed.

 (From the top left: Daddy's Matisse-ish eggs, Auntie Rhi's batik-ish eggs, 
Uncle Matt's eggs including one with an attached miniature monster face, 
and mommy's colorful eggs on the bottom)

On Easter morning you got a couple of sweet gifts from the Easter Bunny, Uncle Matt, and Aunties Rhi and Kelsie, then we all got in the car to go see your great-grandparents. You were in a good mood the whole way there thanks to your new noise-making toys and some Japanese rice crackers for a snack.

After getting more adorable toys there, we went downstairs where the Easter Bunny had hidden lots of plastic eggs filled with Cheerios for you to find. You got so good at finding them that Daddy had to chase around after you with the basket because you would open each one and spill the cereal everywhere if he didn't.

In the end so much of the cereal had spent time on the floor that great-grandma wasn't about to let you eat it. We took it outside and poured it on the porch for her chubby squirrel friends to enjoy and managed to snap a few photos with you in your pretty dress while we were out there.

After visiting for a few hours we said goodbye to great-grandma and great-grandpa (and their kitty, Bella) and headed home. You were a bit cranky for the first ten minutes on the road but then fell into a nice nap for the rest of the hour-long drive. Mommy and daddy wished they could've napped, too.

When we got home we had more festivities to prepare for. Not only was Sunday Easter, but it was also daddy's birthday! Auntie Kelsie and her boyfriend Shawn came over to celebrate with us and enjoy daddy's homemade pizza (he insisted on cooking for his own party!) and mommy's sushi-shaped carrot cake.

Cream cheese frosted & decorated with coconut, orange jello and  blue-green fruit rolls. 
You are always very happy to celebrate anyone's birthday as long as it involves cake!
Well, mommy needs to get to bed soon, but first I want to list a few of your new favorite things this week:

A game you play with Uncle Matt involving a big bunch of balloons, static electricity and endless spinning!
This solar dancing flower of Auntie Rhi's
Building and toppling towers with your new blocks, and
making sure to separate all the pieces when you put them away.

And, though unfortunately we haven't gotten any videos up yet, but you are becoming quite the dancing queen! You repeatedly hit the button on one of your musical toys (usually your big elephant) and take turns spinning, bopping, marching in place, waving your arms, or just simply swaying to the beat. So so cute!

OK, good night, little one. Love you!

P.S. Forgot to add that we had your 15-month check-up last week. You now weigh 23 pounds and 12 ounces, so you've gone up a few ticks further into the 60 percentile range. Everything is normal and great!

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