Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monkey baby, weary mama

Dear Maya,

Well, this week's post is even later than last week's was. And mommy doesn't plan on writing much. And there aren't a lot of photos to choose from. Why all this slacking? Well, mommy's allergies have been bad and we've been kind of busy, but mostly it's because you are so active and I'm so tired as a result!!!

It starts every morning first thing. You have to feed yourself your oatmeal every day. You yell if we try to take the spoon or even the mug out of your hands to help you. You want to do it all. by. yourself. This is a good thing, we remind ourselves constantly as we watch you make a royal mess before we're even awake.

It continues with the climbing. I've mentioned the climbing in a couple posts but now it's getting out of hand. We tried to block this upstairs window with a table, so you climbed on it. Then we put an ottoman on top of the table and you climbed on top of it! You were eye level with mommy when I got you down, you monkey!

There are a few quiet moments during your trouble-making days that we truly savor. One is when you look out this downstairs window. You love to get up on this step stool and watch the birds and the rabbits and whatever else may be moving around out there. It's really sweet when you point things out to show us.

Another sweet moment was when we were at your great-grandparents' house the other day when Poppy put you up at the piano to play. Surprisingly, you calmly and gently played with both your hands in good pianist form, and even tried to copy Auntie Bobbie's notes! We were all so impressed by your little musical self!

 sorry for the poor picture quality!

Well, it's been another exhausting (but rewarding) day with you, my sweet. It's time for mommy and daddy to get some much-needed rest! Love you!

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