Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rolling with the changes

Dear Maya,

You've been adapting very well to a few little changes we've had around here lately.

The first is the rearrangement of our space. We live in a big house with us in an upstairs apartment and Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi downstairs. Although you play in the downstairs living room a lot, too, we needed more space for you to use upstairs. Since mommy and daddy sleep better on Japanese-style futons anyway, your grandparents shipped some over for us (!) and we switched out our bed for a sofa. Now during the day the futons are folded up and you have lots of space for playing. Oh, and climbing--your favorite pastime.

The second is our current house guest. Auntie Bobbie is on summer break from college and has been staying with us for some of it. You're enjoying having her around to play with and love on. On Monday morning you even did a tap dance show for her on a plank of wood. You even pulled out your little piano for music!

Then, on Monday evening, we had the whole gang here for Auntie Bobbie and Auntie Kelsie's birthday party. As always, you were grateful for the chance to eat ice cream and a cupcake (caramel apple), play with wrapping paper, and get the attention of extra people.

The third change just happened earlier tonight. Your beloved Uncle Matt shaved off his long, long hair! Every couple of years after growing it out very long he cuts it to donate and then starts again from scratch. Mommy was wondering what your reaction to his new look would be, but you didn't seem to mind. When Auntie Kelsie was cutting it you seemed very interested in the sound of the clippers and you did say "Uh-oh" about the hair on the floor, but when Uncle Matt picked you up later you acted like nothing was different.

You are a sweet, clever, flexible little girl and you can really roll with the changes. We're proud of you little monkey. Love you!

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