Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer's newest book worm

Dear Maya,

Summer started in earnest this past week, both according to both the calendar and the thermometer. We had a few days of 95 plus degree weather and it was humid as well. To cool off, you took lots of baths, ate popsicles, and mommy and Kelsie even took you to wade in the stream at the park one day.

Looking back on the photos of this past week, it looks like what really helped you get through these super-hot days was reading! You've gotten tall enough that when you stand on your tiptoes you can just reach the books on the shelf and you've been taking them down and spreading them out everywhere!

Although you still don't have many words yet, your intonation when 'reading' your books is becoming really convincing. We can hear 'sentences' and even sometimes what sounds like a rhyming rhythm as you babble your way through the pages. You do the same when you talk on the 'phone' (i.e. mommy's old camera).


One other way we celebrated reading this week was going to the children's book fair at Auntie Rhi's library. We got to hear a couple of authors read their stories, had them sign books, played games and, your favorite part (aside from the free ice cream), came home with a big green balloon! You're still bouncing it around!

And now suddenly it's cooled down quite a bit after a crazy cold thunder/hail storm while you and mommy were out yesterday. We got totally drenched in the 10 feet from the supermarket to the car and the 5 feet from the car to the house. As soon as we came inside we changed into long sleeves for the rest of the day!

Well, goodnight my sweet. Hope you sleep well tonight. You've slept until 6:15 the past two mornings so we want to keep this trend going! Love you!

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