Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sharp teeth, sharp wit

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post as mommy wants to go to bed early! We had a rough night last night. You have a habit of climbing up on the little counter on the living room side of the pass-through window from the kitchen while mommy is cooking, doing dishes, or otherwise can't get to you quickly enough. It's kind of cute because once you get up there you say "hi" in this high, sugary voice and wave to us, proud to have climbed up to our level. We always rush over to pull you down but within minutes you get right back up there and do it again.

watching the electric company repair wire damage from a recent storm...
you were transfixed as they raised the man in the basket over and over again!
you love having your teeth brushed!

We knew you'd fall eventually and yesterday it happened. Mommy heard the sickening thud and scooped you up before even had a chance to really scream. Your front teeth had cut into the back of your upper lip pretty deep, but the bleeding stopped quickly. Mommy was so worried about muscles, nerves, all kinds of imaginary permanent injuries, but you reached over for my seltzer and drank it out of a straw. Yeah, nothing wrong with your lips. We arranged the furniture after you went to bed and now you can't get up there.
looks like you're planning some trouble!
yup, this is my dad...he's pretty cool

The other news to report this week is your increase in vocabulary. I think mommy forgot to mention you've been saying "here you go" when handing us objects. This week it's become much more recognizable and regular. You've also been using the word "nnnnooo" (as opposed to "nyo" for "no") while pinching or pointing to our noses. The most amazing by far, though, was the other night at dinner when you sang the alphabet up to G! Your pitch was perfect and you didn't miss a letter! All conversation stopped and jaws dropped! Yes!

giving mommy that look!
what's up?

One other word mommy thinks she heard you say was "bubbles" while pointing at a bottle of them. So, of course, that's what we did! You can now dip the bubble wand as long as mommy is holding the bottle, and you can hold the wand to your mouth to blow. You don't need to put it in your mouth, though...

Well, it's time for bed. Love you, monkey! Stay safe!

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