Saturday, August 25, 2012

Indoor outdoor summer fun

Dear Maya,

It's been a full week of summer fun with you!

We started last Sunday night with a celebration of the one-year anniversary of moving to our house and living with Uncle Matt and Auntie Rhi. Daddy made sukiyaki with all the yummy ingredients we got at the Asian supermarket the day before. You tried to help in the kitchen as you've been doing a lot lately.

We spent a beautiful day at the park this week. For some reason you love to play with mulch from the playground and sand from the beach volleyball court. You wouldn't stop throwing sand in the air, so mommy gave up and took some fun pictures. It took a hosing down and a bath to get you clean once we got home.

We also had a little downtime midweek, and mommy worked on culling some of your summer clothes and organizing your warmer clothes. You participated in this clean-out by running around with a pair of too-big rain boots on over your pajamas and an eye mask around your neck. A typical morning at our house.

Then the highlight of our week--your first trip to the fair! First we went to livestock area and saw pigs, goats, birds, rabbits, horses and cows. You were too timid to touch any of them until we passed one last stall on our way to the next area. You and this little beauty locked eyes for a bit and you touched it on your own.

After that we had some ice cream, watched some dogs in a pool jumping competition, saw all kinds of historical and agricultural booths, and finally enjoyed what may have been mommy and daddy's favorite part of the day if not yours--the rides! We took you on a couple car rides and, of course, the merry-go-round!

Well, mommy's feeling a little under the weather so I'd better get some sleep. Love you!

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