Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obon festival, family, friends

Dear Maya,

We've been lucky to see Grandma and Poppa Stan a lot this summer, but last weekend was the shortest visit yet. Aunt Bobbie had spent some time with them in North Carolina so they had to bring her back for college. They rested here and had a few meals with us, but were back on the road within 12 hours!

This week we celebrated the Japanese festival Obon, during which spirits of our ancestors are celebrated. You wore your new adorable two-piece Japanese outfit, but you were not one bit pleased with the sash so we went without it. You loved the Japanese food we had for dinner, though--rice balls, savory egg custard and miso zucchini. And the best part? Since it was a very hot and humid day, we all loved the shaved ice with green tea, sweet beans and condensed milk that daddy made. Yum!

Later in the week we went to have a play date with your friend Wyatt and his adorable little cousin Emma. You had such a fun time playing in the pool and sprinklers that you barely had any lunch. You made up for that with cookies afterwards when we went inside, though. Thanks for having us over, Charlotte!

This week your new skills won our hearts over even more. Whenever we're in a store, you want to help push the shopping cart instead of riding in it. And when we bring home groceries, you love to put them in the fridge (no matter how heavy or whether or not they go in there). When it's time for daddy to go to work in the morning, you very clearly enunciate "Bye" while waving to him, except the other day when you didn't want him to go so you pushed his legs and guided him to sit back down with you. You're such a sweetheart!

Well, mommy seems to have caught a cold so I'm going to go rest while you're napping. Love you!

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