Friday, November 30, 2012

Spoon Fork Meow Quack

Dear Maya,

Just a quick update tonight. Everyone in the house has taken turns with a cold over the last couple weeks so we all need some sleep to make sure it doesn't make a second trip around!

You have a couple new skills to report. The first is helping to put away clean silverware. Mommy doesn't even know when you got tall enough to see inside the silverware drawer, but now you can and you know to put the forks, knives and spoons in the right sections. Wow! Now if you'd only stop taking them back out...

You've also learned a bunch of animal sounds all of the sudden. We can ask you what a cat, dog, bird, duck, and lion say and you give us the right calls. In the process of remembering all of those you seem to have forgotten what a pig says and answer "moo" more than "oink" but your overall progress is amazing!

these three photos by daddy!

Other words you've added to your vocabulary include snow, potato, spoon, heavy and car. In Japanese you've said strawberry and when we Skyped with your grandfather you called him 'ji-chan' to all of our delights. Best of all, you've said sentences such as "I see bubble," "I see moon," and "We're home." Swoon!

Okay, mommy is going to rest now. Love you and looking forward to a magical December with you!

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