Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet and spunky Maya

Dear Maya,

You continue to surprise us daily with your sweet and spunky personality. This past Monday mommy took you to the park. You insisted on wearing this green headband that kept slipping off your head until mommy added the pigtails. You love hats, scarves, shoes and other accessories these days.

Previously at the park you had always been too afraid to go down the slide by yourself. This time there were lots of other kids there who were doing it, so you finally got up the nerve after several trips down with mommy. It did take a few minutes sitting at the top, working up the courage, and then...

Yesterday was also kind of a momentous day for you. After successfully putting you to bed the night before with no pacifier, mommy and daddy decided it was time. We took you to the dumpster and you threw in your binky and waved goodbye to it. We weren't sure you really understood, but then you said "All gone" and smiled and even did a little dance when we cheered for you. You did get a bit of a serious look on your face afterwards, but once we were inside you had already moved on to the next thing--snack time!

Finally, I have to share what a sweet little girl you are turning into. When mommy and daddy put you to bed at night, you initiate a group hug every single time! It melts our hearts! And now that you can say all the family's names you can be heard reciting them all the time, even in bed first thing in the morning. Each name has it's own special inflection--'mama' and 'baba' (daddy) rise, 'Matt' is said very quickly and strongly, 'Rhi' sounds much like "Whee!" and starts very high-pitched before falling, etc. It's so, so cute!

You love to go get pillows for everyone and
make them play sleep next to you, even in the kitchen!
 Well, mommy's going to get ready for bed now. Love you!

P.S. Your new words this week include: toe, soup, egg, fish (fishy), onion, sit, meow (your word for cat, and you sound just like a cat saying it!), rapido (thanks, Dora the Explorer!) and Foofa (your favorite character from Yo Gabba Gabba)... Looks like we've been watching too much TV! Your recognition has also greatly expanded thanks to sea creature bath toys and fruit and vegetable refrigerator magnets. Go, Maya!

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