Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas magic, Baby love

Dear Maya,

It's so fun to watch you take your first tastes of the magic and excitement that is Christmas! Last year you participated in everything without really understanding but this year you seem to recognize that there is something different and special going on lately. It's really beautiful to see that in your eyes.

Add to that magic a fresh snowfall the morning we went to cut down our own tree and your first taste of eggnog that night when we put it up and you were really feeling the Christmas spirit! Mommy and daddy even let you stay up long past your usual bedtime to enjoy it!

This week your vocabulary has increased a lot! In addition to last week's animal calls, you now answer "What does Santa say?" with an adorable "Ho ho ho!" You also say "bless you" when we sneeze, "two, three" in response to our "one" (sometimes), and the other day you looked at me and asked "Where flower?" when you looked at a shelf that used to have artificial flowers on it. Some other new words of yours are doggy, froggy, dolly, dance and awesome. Awesome indeed, little girl!

When this picture was taken you were saying "baba"--your word for daddy.
Immediately afterwards you pointed at me and said "You're mama!"
Keep up the sentence-building, sweetie! Great job!

You have also been improving on your mothering of mommy's old Cabbage Patch doll this week. She spends most of her time napping in your room but she is always bundled up in one or two blankets and gets kisses before you take any of your naps. It's so very sweet to see this side of you!

You suddenly love to wave at cars whenever we're outside!
And, it's a very good thing that your sense of compassion is growing're going to have a baby cousin soon! Auntie Kelsie found out the other day that the little one growing inside of her is a girl! It will be so sweet to see some of your old baby things and clothes being used--by little cousin Grace!

Well, mommy's computer is acting up so I'd better sign off before the battery burns out. Love you!

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