Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ho ho ho 2012

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post tonight because there is almost no lull at all between Christmas and your birthday, making mommy very, very busy! I do want to share some pictures and stories from the last week, though, to make sure they aren't forgotten in all the excitement.

On Sunday we had big plans to go meet Santa, but when we got to the local nursery it turned out that he had the day off! You probably enjoyed the petting zoo out back much more than you would've liked sitting on a stranger's lap, but mommy still wishes you'd gotten to see him. We might have even gone on an expedition to find him the next day, Christmas Eve, but you came down with a cold. So you ended up spending the day playing and relaxing in pajamas and we didn't even bake the big guy cookies! Oh, well...

Luckily by Christmas morning you seemed better. We got up and dressed to go to your great-grandparents' house for brunch. There you ate lots and lots of fruit salad, eggs and home fries, then opened your presents. You had as much fun playing with the cat's toys and Nanny's Santa nesting dolls as your new toys, though!


When we got back home and actually put together the gorgeous mini baby grand piano from Nanny and Poppy, though, you loved it! In your fancy Christmas dress you looked like a piano prodigy about to perform in your first solo recital. So, so adorable!

We spent the rest of Christmas Day at home relaxing. Aunt Rhi did most of the cooking and we all ate a lot of delicious food. We took a break in between courses to exchange gifts and play with all your cool toys. It was such a warm and homey holiday--just perfect!

Well, mommy's tired from a day of birthday party preparation and there is still a lot more to do over the next couple days. It will be so worth it to see you light up on your big day, though. Ready or not, here we come TWO! Love you!

P.S. I forgot to post some of your new words last week. Thanks to several new-to-us books from an nature-loving friend of mommy's, you have learned lots of new animals: zebra, butterfly, lion, giraffe, monkey,  penguin, starfish, star, pretty, me, 'woof woof'' and 'choo choo' and now you often ask for 'help!'

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