Saturday, January 26, 2013

When it's cold outside...

Dear Maya,

As we enter the final stretch before our big trip, mommy and daddy are happy to report that you have been much more agreeable! It has been super super cold outside for much of the week so we've had to figure out ways to entertain you indoors in between our preparations. Here are a few moments from our week:

  • A side trip to Warren Street when we were shopping in many passersby complimented you on the beautiful cape from your grandparents in Japan!

  • Making pizza with saw him put his apron on and asked for help with your own, then you took it upon yourself to flip the dough!

  • A play date with Wyatt and Emma at a children's museum...some favorites were the fire station, instrument corner, radio station, fossil dig sand pit and a locally-found mastodon skeleton!


Well, mommy's got to go empty all our memory cards so I can take lots of pictures of our trip! Love you!

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