Friday, March 1, 2013

Japan trip, Part 4

Dear Maya,

We're back in the U.S. safe and sound, but it was a rough last week or so of our trip. Mommy didn't take nearly as many photos as usual so this post won't be as fun as it could be. So to back up and explain what's been going on since the last post...

February 17th
You woke up from your nap and started crying loudly. We went into your room to find that you had thrown up everything you'd eaten for breakfast and lunch. The rest of the day whenever we tried to give you food or drink, even a couple sips of water, it came right back up. Diarrhea started, too. We took you to an ER late that night and got some nausea medicine so you could at least keep down some water and sports drinks for hydration. We got home and you slept the rest of the night.

February 18th
The ER doctor told us to follow up with a pediatrician. We made an appointment for the afternoon and after your exam they decided to give you an IV since you were so dehydrated. It was really scary for mommy and daddy to watch you so quiet during the IV. You had a high fever and your heart rate and breathing were a bit quick on top of the stomach symptoms. Thankfully that night when we got back to your grandparents' house you seemed a bit more normal and were playing and ordering us around.

February 19th
Mommy got sick just as you were seeming better. Mommy went to the doctor to get some medicine.
February 20th
Daddy started to get sick, too. You seemed better and even ate a little. Mommy was feeling much worse.

February 21st
Mommy and daddy felt awful. You had barely eaten for days but had been downing the electrolyte drinks the doctor had recommended. Since you were acting better we started to feed you more normal foods but then you started throwing up again.

February 22nd
Back to the pediatrician for you early on this morning. We got a more gentle medication for you as it seemed you threw up every time you had the previous one. We all felt a little more human by afternoon and went to pray at the family grave site.

February 23rd-25th
Although we were all feeling a bit better, we decided to change the itinerary for the remainder of our time in Japan. We'd been planning to spend a few days in Kyoto and Osaka with your aunt, uncle and cousin and also visit with mommy's old host family, but we didn't want to take any chances. Instead, mommy and daddy worked on packing and cleaning out things we'd been storing in the garage. You spent time playing outside and at the park with your grandparents. We visited a few friends to say goodbye.

February 26th
We flew from Nagasaki to Osaka's domestic airport, then took a bus to our hotel right by the international airport. After snacking and napping, we went out to explore a nearby shopping area. We noticed a children's indoor play area and decided we would take you there the next morning to tire you out before our flight.

February 27th
After playing, we had some yummy sushi for our last real meal in Japan. Then we headed to the airport and your Aunt Miho and cousin Ryota came to see us off. We flew out at 6pm and although you cried and yelled for the first 15 minutes of the flight, soon after you fell asleep for about 3 hours or so. The rest of the flight you weren't too noisy, either. We arrived in Seattle, then had a flight to Minneapolis (you slept the entire flight!) then a flight to Albany where Uncle Matt came to pick us up.

We got home last night at 1am, unpacked a few things, showered and then fell asleep at 2:30. Imagine mommy's surprise when she opened her eyes and looked at the clock and it said 2:30. PM! All three of us slept soundly for twelve whole hours! It was a long, exhausting trip home so I guess we all needed to recover a bit. The jet lag will likely last a lot longer than it did on the way to Japan. We're already missing everyone and everything about Japan so it'll probably take us time to recover from that, too.

Well, time to get some more sleep and hope our jet lag gets better soon! Love you!

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