Sunday, March 24, 2013

Potty training, Green kimono

Dear Maya,

Last weekend we had a small gathering at our house to celebrate both St. Patrick's Day and Auntie Rhi's birthday. Mommy thought you didn't have any green to wear until I remembered your new green boots and pulled this matching cardigan out of the drawer. So cute!

The calendar says that spring started this week, but it looks like someone forgot to remind the weather--we've still had snow flurries just about every day! Since we were going to be stuck in the house quite a bit anyway, we decided to use the time productively and start potty training you. You haven't had too many accidents overall and you're getting the idea pretty quickly, but it's trying for all of us to have you running around half naked all day, so mostly we've just been doing it until your naptime each day.

You've suddenly picked up a lot of new words and phrases, including less tangible ones like 'reach' and 'I'm stuck.' You really surprised daddy by reciting your numbers in Japanese after only practicing with mommy for a few minutes. You have a tendency to skip the number 5, but you're doing great!

The biggest surprise last week was when we went with Aunt Kelsie to an appointment. In the waiting room they had a big toy box and, among other things, it held foam puzzle pieces with letters on them. You really wowed mommy when you pulled one out, held it up to show me and said, "M!" And it was an M!!!

The only other thing we have to share this week is that we got a package from your grandparents in Japan. Inside it were the professional photos we had taken there. We're not surprised that you weren't smiling in any of them--you were quite cranky that day and we could barely get you to stand or sit still. Who could blame you, really, with such a complicated outfit, hairstyle and those shoes? When grandma decided to put you in the borrowed red kimono a couple days later at home you were much calmer. Oh, well...

Well, mommy is tired out from chasing you around with your training potty. Love you!

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