Sunday, April 7, 2013

Enrich and exhaust Maya :)

Dear Maya,

Well, this week in terrible-twoville started out with a bang, or actually a bite. You bit mommy's leg, through her jeans, hard enough to make me yelp and stop and think. Mommy decided that this week, just as daddy's full work schedule started up for the season, our new 'Enrich and Exhaust Maya' schedule would begin.

This is what we did:
  • Morning walk outside

  • Story hour at the library with 8 other kids and their parents
  • Taking four books out at the library and learning new words
  • Designing and spending hours in your very first blanket fort

  • Your longest book ever--the very funny "Skippy John Jones"
  • Learning 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider' and 'Ring Around the Rosie'
  • Carrying your own backpack on our first park trip of the spring

  • Visiting your great-grandparents and building amazing wooden block towers with them
  • Helping your Cabbage Patch doll 'go potty' (all the while avoiding using the potty yourself)
  • Proudly and obsessively collecting sticks, rocks and pine cones everywhere we went

And, last but certainly not least, today was Wyatt's fireman birthday party! We loved the fireman hats, the cute favors and all the other little details Wyatt's mommy poured her heart into. Of course you loved the sweets--you got to eat some cake, a cupcake, 2 dalmatian cookies and even home-spun cotton candy!

Probably your favorite part of the party, though, was playing outside. You loved the pirate play area with it's swings, slide, and lookout tower. Also, Wyatt got a new trampoline for his birthday and you had a really fun time jumping around on that, too. It was such a fun day and you were certainly tired out by the end of it.

Well, mommy needs some sleep because tomorrow is another birthday celebration--daddy's!
Love you!

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