Sunday, May 5, 2013

D for darling daughterS!

Dear Maya,

What a week we've had! On Wednesday morning your Aunt Kelsie went into labor and you and mommy headed to the hospital in the afternoon. You were such a good girl as you played in the waiting room and even spent a little time in the hospital room cheering for Kelsie. Daddy came to pick you up after work so you could make it home for bedtime. Mommy was so happy to watch your cousin Grace Ann come into the world at about 7:45, weighing 9 pounds, 3.6 ounces and measuring 22 inches long!

Due to every one's schedules, you and daddy didn't get to meet Grace until a couple days later at Aunt Kelsie's house. You were too busy playing with the cat and barely paid any attention to the baby! When you found her binky in her swing, you finally seemed to realize that she was a little person just like you and brought it over to where mommy was holding her. You looked at her for a minute but then went right back to the cat. You'll be great buddies someday soon, though, I'm sure!

We did study "D" this week as planned and our key word was dog. With all the excitement, though, we didn't get in any special activities besides coloring sheets and books featuring dogs, ducks and diapers. We did, however, get to play with a real dog when Grandma and Poppa Stan came up with Tessa.

Friday night we had more visitors come to our house--Grandpa and Lori! We've spent the weekend playing games with them at home, walking around a local town and hiking to our local waterfall. Even with six adults to one little girl, you've had us all tired out by the end of each day!

Well, good night, my dear. Mommy's preparing for another fun week ahead! Love you!

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