Monday, May 20, 2013

F, Forts, Flowers, Fish

Dear Maya,

After all the events and excitement we've had lately, we took this last week a little slower. Mommy made quick and easy dinners and skimped on housework. It was nice to just color with crayons, sing and play the recorder, and otherwise simply spend time with you without too many distractions.

We did go to the library story hour on Tuesday as usual. Lately mommy has been giving you a couple outfit choices to make getting dressed go more smoothly and quickly. Once you have your outfit on, though, I let you have your pick of any jacket and shoes. This is what you came up with this week.

Mommy has finally come up with a fun and easy-to-build fort for us to play in. Our 'roof' is just a sheet so it's easy to pin up, and it's pinned on the curtain rods so we have plenty of light inside. The best part is that it's at an angle so mommy doesn't have to crane her neck the whole time we're inside. Plus we have padded 'walls' made from our folding mats and plenty of space between them for toys, books, snacks, etc. One day this week mommy even hung out in there while you napped!

After the chilly, damp weather earlier in the week we were so glad when Friday was warm and beautiful. In the morning you went with mommy to volunteer at a consignment sale for children's clothes and toys, and we found an injured turtle in the parking lot. You seemed very attached to it but some bigger kids finally took it down to a stream to let it go. Later in the day we ran around enjoying all the beautiful flowers in bloom in our yard. It was so nice to be out without our jackets!

We did study the letter F this week and focused on the word Fish. Mommy didn't get too creative with activities, but we colored a fish picture, put cute fish stickers on a paper F, and created an F-shaped school of abstract fish with foam stickers.

You're just getting over a brief cold so you were pretty cranky today. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow. Love you!

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