Monday, July 8, 2013

M: More, Monkey, Maya!

Dear Maya,

We've been on the go pretty much all week and it takes sitting down to write this post for mommy to really remember all that we've done. The weather has been mostly hot and humid so we've been trying to keep cool with the pool, the hose, and a few icy treats in between running around.

On Tuesday after the library story hour, we drove an hour to the hospital where your great-grandma was having knee surgery. Due to a delayed start time, we ended up hanging out in the waiting room with your great-grandpa and great aunt and uncle for 5 hours! You spent much of that time running around like a crazy child, much to mommy's chagrin, but at least you took the occupants' minds off of worrying about their loved ones! Great-grandma made it through with flying colors and is doing well.

Kermit has been everywhere with us lately!

On Wednesday morning we went to the park and soon after we arrived a couple of older girls came to play. You all got along really well and they seem to have encouraged you to be a little more daring and independent. You mastered the rope net, climbed up the slides and worked on the monkey bars, too.

Thursday was the 4th of July and everyone had the day off work. Mommy and daddy took you to the stream for a little while, then we went to the new, fancy ice cream shop in town for some cones. Later in the day Uncle Matt made us a yummy dinner on the grill while we played outside some more.


Friday we went to the farm. This time mommy walked ahead into the rows of peas and when I came back with my pints you had pretty much filled your pint, too! You're getting really good at harvesting, and this week you added herbs to your repertoire. You thought the parsley was broccoli, though.

This week you really seemed to enjoy studying the letter "M" as you should since it starts many of your favorite words: monkey, mama, Matt, me, my, more and our key word this week, Maya! You've also come out with lots of surprise words and sentences lately that mommy didn't realize you knew or could use yet. While looking out the window the other day you said "garbage truck" clear as day and you've been using "it's too big" or "it's too small" perfectly all of the sudden. That's my smart girl!

Daddy showing off his artistic skills on your blackboard...
and your impression of the dragon he drew!
Well, here's hoping for some slightly milder weather to enjoy with you this week. Love you!

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