Monday, July 29, 2013

P is for Progress!

Dear Maya,

Pssst. Mommy's afraid to say this out loud so I'm just going to whisper, okay? It seems like we might possibly have sorta kinda somehow made toddler progress lately. No one's saying the little tantrums and bossiness are history--no no, even today was proof of that. But there have been these wonderful moments and minutes and even hours when you have shown that you can entertain yourself quietly and express your thoughts and feelings with words instead of screams. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Take our trip to the park last Wednesday. The sky was overcast and threatening showers, but it was so much cooler than it had been so we took a chance and went to the park. There were no other kids there when we arrived, but you took off to enjoy the rope climb, slides, etc. with only a couple of "Come here, mama"s in the beginning. You played for about an hour (!) and let mommy have some peace and quiet with her book under a tree. Later some kids came and you joined right in with them.


The rest of the week has been typical of the summer so far--a trip to the farm to get our veggies and pick herbs and flowers, gardening and playing outside, and crafts and games inside. We studied "P" and our key word "pizza" had you catching on very quickly. Several nights before bed while reading a book called "Pete's a Pizza" we pretended that you were a pizza and kneaded, stretched and tickled you with 'flour' fingers. And on Thursday, daddy made you a pizza with a "P" right on it!


Lately you speak new full sentences every day and tell us how you feel and what you notice in the world around you. You've started using the word 'my' an awful lot and although often a sign of selfishness, it is just plain adorable when you put it before the name of someone you love.

Well, mommy needs some rest. Love you!

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