Monday, August 12, 2013

R is for Rainbows

Dear Maya,

As we studied "R" this week we were going to focus on robots, but mommy dropped the ball preparing all the activities I had planned, so we switched to rainbows instead. Much easier, fits with your current colors obsession, and we can do robots when we go through the alphabet again--works for me!

On Tuesday we did our regular story time at the library and, as usual, you ignored the books being read and sat at the craft table doing your own thing. But when Miss Kristin finished reading and said we should go outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, you perked up and started to run outside before mommy could even pick up her bag to go with you! You enjoyed the bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and just running around with the other kids who you'd been ignoring two minutes earlier. Hmmm...

On Wednesday Aunt Kelsie came over to babysit you while mommy went to the dentist. Later mommy took Baby Grace's photos and you got in some pictures, too. You are really starting to like having a baby cousin and you kept touching her hands and feet and commenting how small and cute they are.

On Thursday we went to visit your great grandparents. As soon as we got to their house they told us they were taking you shopping for sneakers! At first you didn't want to try on any shoes because that meant taking off your precious pink rain boots (note: it wasn't raining) but after a while we managed to get you into some adorable grey sneakers and red sandals. When we got back to their house you finally got the hang of peddling your 'big' bicycle--it must've been the new sneakers!

Saturday was the end of the library's summer reading program. Over the course of the six-week program you 'read' about 285 books! Wow! At the closing event you enjoyed playing with water balloons, eating ice cream, and even managed to share toys with the other kids.


Over the weekend mommy and daddy each had some time for themselves and also got to spend some time alone together! Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi babysat you so we could go out for dinner and a movie. It's been a looong time since we've been on a date and we missed you but it was so nice to have the time to talk and eat without being interrupted. And you were so tired out from playing with Matt and Rhi that you slept until 7:30 the next morning! Hallelujah! They can babysit you anytime!

Well, it's back to the library again tomorrow morning so mommy needs some rest. Love you!

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