Tuesday, September 3, 2013

U: Utterly Undeniable You!

Dear Maya,

Our family has some exciting events coming up that have us busy planning and preparing, so mommy hasn't had the camera out a whole lot this week. That's also why I'm getting a late start on tonight's blog post so forgive me if I keep things short and sweet.

Mommy has been to a few yard sales lately and over the weekend I picked up a Cozy Coupe for you. Of course you're already kind of big for it and will only be able to use it for another couple months if that, but it was a good deal so mommy had to get it. Plus, mommy had one when she was little so there's that, too.

 We've spent more time than usual with your cousin Grace this week. At four months old now, she's able to hold her head up and laugh and smile a lot more. You have finally taken more interest in her and although you are a little jealous of the attention she gets, you like having her around. You really like to hold her and often pat her head. The other day when talking about her you accidentally mixed up the words and called her "Gravy Base" instead of  "Baby Grace" so you may have given her a new adorable if unfortunate nickname! 

We studied the letter "U" and the key word "umbrella" this week. You picked up on it more quickly than mommy thought, not seeming to confuse the letter with the word "you" at all and recognizing the shape easily. You wanted to carry the umbrella with a paper "U" stuck to it everywhere we went!

 Well, mommy's sleepy. As you've taken to saying this week, "I love you more more."


  1. Maya - I knew your mom and dad before they got married and got you. You are adorable and just as precious as they are to me.

  2. That is so sweet, Candice and so are you!