Monday, September 23, 2013

X: exhausted, expert, equinox

Dear Maya,

As we might have predicted, you and mommy were a bit under the weather early last week after all the excitement of the big wedding and a houseful of people. We spent a couple days not really going anywhere and not really doing anything. Mommy had planned on paying special attention to you anyways because you tend to get really cranky and act babyish after visitors leave, and this time Matt and Rhi were gone on their honeymoon, too. The house was very quiet but you weren't quite as moody as I'd expected.

We made up for all the indoor time early in the week with TONS of time outdoors since last Thursday. First we went to a farm most people go to for apples, but mommy really wanted to pick some of their red and yellow raspberries for our morning oatmeal. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time. Afterwards we enjoyed our last trip to an ice cream stand for the season. Then while driving home we, as well as several other cars, stopped at one spot along the road to look at the enormous full harvest moon.


Friday morning you and mommy strapped on backpacks and walked to the park next door for some hiking and playing. You climbed the jungle gym higher than ever before and played basketball for the first time. In the afternoon we waited to go get our crop share until after daddy got home from work so he could join us. You really impressed him with your bean and cherry tomato picking skills. Come to think of it, you impress me with your veggie knowledge these days, i.e. knowing what a 'husk cherry' is and how to eat it.

On Saturday morning mommy took you to a playground but we didn't stay long because there was an art festival going on. After lunch and a nap, we got daddy to join us to go to another playground which we had all to ourselves. It was really fun and when we got home, Matt and Rhi were back!

Sunday we all went apple picking! It was kind of chilly and our usual orchard was under new management, but we had a good time anyway. After eating lots of apples right off the trees and sampling some plums and blackberries, too, we washed all the fruit down with some good ol' cider donuts. Yum!

Well, fall has officially arrived and that means bundling up and shorter daylight, but hopefully we'll still have lots more of this kind of outdoor fun. Love you!

P.S. Our "X" studies this week were a little sparse and vague but luckily you had already figured out this letter before we got to it. Good enough!

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