Monday, September 30, 2013

Y is for Yippee!

Dear Maya,

It's been a pretty typical week around here for the most part, which I guess is the reason mommy didn't pull out her camera very often. To make up for a lack of photos in this post, though, there is a video from daddy to share. Enjoy!

Last Tuesday at the library story hour you surprised mommy. After some heated negotiations (ahem) you sat on mommy's lap to listen to Kristen read a story instead of ignoring the whole group for a change. After a quick trip outside to pick green beans from the library garden (something you're already skilled at) and coming in to do a fun craft with glue and tissue paper (something you love doing), you sat down quietly and listened to Kristen read a few more books. Wow! Then you tried to use the library's big potty. Wow again!

Your speech has matured so much lately. Today, suddenly, you've been calling me "mom" instead of your usual, more babyish "mama" and it stops me in my tracks each time I hear it. We also taught you to answer the question "How old are you?" with "I'm almost three," instead of two. You're growing up so, so fast!

We studied "Y" this week with the key word "yellow" but you didn't really catch on until the very end. Either that or you were faking it, which is also completely possible. You've not been very fond of being asked questions lately, and have been ignoring us when we try to get you to show off. Oh, well.

Here's a cute little video of you 'helping' daddy in the kitchen during his weekly pizza night.

Well, mommy's going to sign off with one last photo--an amazing picture you drew tonight and then held it up in front of your face and said "It's Maya!" We're torn between wanting to praise you as the amazing little artist that you are and wanting to limit your Mickey Mouse watching. Ha ha. Love you, sweetie!

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