Monday, October 14, 2013

Magic beans and milkweed

Dear Maya,

Without alphabet study to fill up our time, mommy thought we'd have a relaxing week. Hah! Between trying to deal with some washing machine plumbing problems, getting ready to sell some of your outgrown clothes and toys at a consignment sale, and mommy having an awful cold, it hasn't been relaxing at all!

Here are some of the more peaceful moments of our week:

This is about the 4th bunch of 'magic beans' we got from your library summer reading program plant!

You've added milkweed pods to your list of favorite playthings found in nature!
You can't wait for daddy to get home from work...or to paint/carve these pumpkins!

We stopped by this field one day for some end-of-corn-season play and pics.

You will miss our Fridays at the farm and these sheep so much when our crop share ends in a few weeks!
Naptime lineup of two frogs, two sheep and a monkey--make that two monkeys!
Well, mommy's got to get some sleep. Love you, silly girl!

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