Monday, November 11, 2013

Artsy girl, Spider girl

Dear Maya,

We've been trying to chase away the end-of-Daylight-Savings- and onset-of-cold-weather-blues by keeping ourselves busy indoors and out. Inside we've been playing a lot with Legos and some new puzzles. We've also been doing a ton of crafting from painting to wrapping presents to making collages. You are one focused kid when it comes to art! Outside you helped daddy rake a ton of leaves and we had our last farm trip of the season. We also went to a couple different parks over this last week including a new one. What a climber!

Doesn't everybody wear a crown while practicing the alphabet?
You LOVE cutting with your kid scissors!
When talking about this you made a circle with your hands to help explain the word 'tube' which you'd forgotten
No fear
Such a good climber
Spider girl!
Trying to catch the season's first snowflakes at the park
 Well, this has been a quick post, but mommy's got lots of Christmas card photos to edit. Love you!

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