Monday, November 4, 2013

Mahna Mahna, Air Maya

Dear Maya,

It seems like we've been rushing around a lot this past week so there aren't as many photos as mommy would like, but the ones we have say it all! So here's the breakdown of what we've been up to, starting with what we wore for Halloween:

For the uninitiated, you were Mahna Mahna and mommy and daddy were the Snowths. These crazy characters were part of a Muppets sketch that first appeared before mommy was even born! It's been a favorite of yours on YouTube for a while now, and was the perfect way for us to match outfits!

More info:
The video:

We wore our costumes to the library haunted house and did a little trick-or-treating as well, but you decided to switch to daddy's horns instead of your hat/wig for the latter part. When we went to visit your great grandparents on Saturday you didn't even want to wear that part. You didn't want to go home, either.

Your favorite things to do this week included playing with legos, dressing up, and drawing self-portraits. You also spent a good amount of time after dinner tonight jumping off a chair and trying to grab your precious new balloon  mid-air. Once we knew there were no obstacles in your way, we just had to watch and laugh.

Maya self portrait, 11/1/13
Maya self portrait, 11/4/13

 You are one sweet little active little thing! Love you!

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