Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tale of two Mayas...

Dear Maya,

Over the last week you've had the best of times and the worst of times, or so you make it seem.

You had so much fun last week with Grandma and Papa Stan visiting. You were very talkative, cuddly and sweet, even one day spontaneously telling Grandma to "be careful" as she headed out to the store. You also got to spend some time with your cousin Grace and Grandma loved having you both on her lap at once!


Grandma and Papa Stan left on Sunday morning before we woke up. To prevent your usual post-visit meltdown, mommy and daddy took you to a new park for a bit before shopping to enjoy the relatively warm weather. You loved the dinosaur and kept 'roaring' as you rode it.

Of course the post-visit meltdown happened Monday and Tuesday instead. We had some good moments learning new words and phrases and doing basic math, but you were high-maintenance and pretty cranky otherwise. Then today we had a big snowstorm so daddy had the day off work. We went outside and made a snowman (okay, more of a blob because the snow wouldn't pack right) and daddy made you a snow slide and the coolest part of all--a snow tunnel! The cold, fresh air really seemed to lift your spirits!

Well, mommy needs her sleep! Love you!

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