Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We're on our toes!

Dear Maya,

We lost an hour to Daylight Savings over the weekend, which with a toddler is much simpler than gaining an hour. Now that our days feel longer the urge to go out and play is even stronger, but the weather is still not exactly cooperating. It was 55 degrees or so yesterday but today's rain will turn to snow tomorrow. Yuck!

In an effort to 'spring' back into a better schedule, we've had lots of fun, educational play this past week. You've seen your cousin Grace and your best buddy Wyatt, you've been to the library play group and your great-grandparents' house, and you even had your first trip through a car wash! We've also played school, had dance parties, built blanket forts, sent 'e-mail' to grandpa, and played a lot with legos, puzzles, magnets, and play-doh. You helped make dinner the last three nights, too. Whew--mommy's tired just typing all that!

A funny story to end today's post--it's been about a month since you stopped wearing diapers at night, and in that time you've taken to removing your pajamas after being tucked in. Mommy wondered if the feet of your footie pajamas were annoying you so I cut them off, but still you've been taking them off.

Last night about a half hour after you went to bed you needed to go to the bathroom. You must've been worried we'd be mad that you had no pajamas on, so you attempted to put them back on yourself. The result was hysterical! Today you defended yourself with "I couldn't see anything!" You are so adorable!

Well, mommy's yawning like crazy. Love you!

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