Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big bunny, little bunny

Dear Maya,

As the parent of a toddler, mommy should really know by now not to brag too much about anything. The last few posts I had nothing but good things to say about you, your behavior, and your moods. This week has been full of crying jags, illogical tantrums and disobedience. Lesson learned. Back to the roller coaster it is.

We still had some fun moments this week, though, so mommy will let the photos do the talking...

  • Trip to see the Easter Bunny (so surprised you sat on his lap!) and Nanny and Poppy:

  • Playing with your buddies Wyatt, Emma and Natalie and a real bunny rabbit:  

  • Playing 'ring-around-the-rosie' and going out for ice cream after the bunny went home:

Well, mommy is downright exhausted. Good night, my adorable little handful!

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