Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lobster, Family and Fun!

Dear Maya,

Just a quick post tonight . This morning Grandpa and Lori left after a few days visiting us. We had an early birthday celebration for Grandpa including sparkly card and owl by you, maple bacon rum cupcakes by mommy and tons of lobster provided by Grandpa and Lori. What a feast!


Yesterday we went to see Grandpa's Aunt Carol. Can you believe she's going to be 97 years old later this year? We had a nice visit although you were a wiggle worm the whole time. That didn't phase Aunt Carol at all, though. She is pretty feisty herself!

Well, mommy's going to rest now. Love you!

P.S. You've been drawing some really cool pictures lately. Whenever we ask what they are, even if they look very much like a flower or a person, you say they aren't. Aunt Rhi taught you the phrase "abstract art" so that's how you've taken to answering. Awesome!

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