Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poppies, lilacs and spit?!?

Dear Maya,

As I type this you are either dancing around your room, jumping on your bed, asking to go to the bathroom for the umpteenth time, pulling things off shelves, painting on the window with your own saliva (gross), or doing something else to avoid sleep. It's been like that around here lately.

Pics above and below by Auntie Rhi

Mommy and daddy were getting kind of burnt out and decided to use some credit card rewards on a night away over the weekend. Uncle Matt and Aunt Rhi took very good care of you while we were gone and you were pretty sweet when we got home, but your shenanigans are back tonight. Sigh...

Last week we went to the park one day with your best buddy Wyatt. The two of you spent very little time on the actual playground and most of the time climbing trees, chasing butterflies (and each other) and eating snacks. You guys really are so cute together.

Other than running errands and lots of time spent outside in the sandbox, playing with the hose, and picking flowers, there's not much new to report. As you are so kind as to remind me several times a day while looking at my belly, "the baby's getting bigger" and that means mommy has less energy to play like you want me to. That may be why you're being a bit of a stinker lately, but we have confidence that you will grow to be a good big sister when the time comes. Less than two months now...

We love you, sweetie. Don't you forget it!

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