Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flowers, Math, and Cousins

Dear Maya,

Not a whole lot of excitement around here lately. We've had some dreary, rainy weather this week and it hasn't done much for your mood or mommy's. Both of us have been kinda cranky and butting heads over the silliest things. Yesterday when mommy got irritated over you having to go to the bathroom 2 bites into dinner even though I'd asked you to go before dinner, you told me I shouldn't get mad. In fact the whole trip to the bathroom and back you lectured me on it. It was so funny I just had to laugh.


When the weather has been nice we've spent time outside admiring our flowers. It's amazing how quickly you remember their names and how you notice changes from day to day. When we've been inside you've been working on skills way above your head. Originally we introduced you to the website so you could practice your letters, but you keep finding your way into other parts of the site like multiplication tables and reading a clock. You don't usually get the answers right but you seem to enjoy trying!

We celebrated Aunt Bobbie and Aunt Kelsie's birthday over the weekend, then saw Aunt Kelsie again a few days later when we babysat Baby Grace. Your sweet little cousin is at the age now where she can hold her own and we can tell she looks up to you as she follows and imitates you. Likewise, you seem to be enjoying her company more and more, making her laugh, making sure she doesn't get hurt, and dancing around in circles with her in the living room. You're going to be a good big sister for sure!

Well, mommy's going to go rest. Love you!

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