Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We are the champions

Dear Maya,

After last week's post, mommy pulled out our 'sleep bible' and read up on ways to keep you from making multiple trips to the bathroom each night. It worked very quickly, but you are still singing loudly to yourself as I type this, over an hour after we put you in bed. Still that's totally acceptable compared to last week!

Just because we got your bedtime habits back into shape doesn't mean our days are going smoothly, though. You've been very demanding, hyper, noisy, and did I say demanding yet? The beginning of this week was really hot and mommy was struggling with a lack of sleep, swollen and sore hands and joints, and trying to keep us both from getting overheated. Today totally made up for it all, though. Out of the blue you said, "Mama, you are my best friend!" and right then and there I turned to a ball of mush!

Updates on what you love lately: You're still obsessed with your sandbox and Aunt Sue Sue gave you lots of new sand toys and an adorable pair of sunglasses. You also like playing with water and running around playing 'soccer' in the backyard. Your drawings are getting more and more beautiful every day and we only have a handful of letters in the alphabet left for you to learn to write. Oh, and music? We caught you singing "We Are the Champions" in the car the other day, but most often you're busy making up songs. Too cute!

Well, mommy needs her rest! Love you!

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