Thursday, June 26, 2014

We're showered with love!

Dear Maya,

It's been a much lovelier time with you since the last post. You've been behaving like the big girl you are quickly becoming. You say "Can I have ~, please?" instead of "I want ~." You like to bring mommy her Tums. You have entertained yourself with blocks and books for longer periods of time. Thank you so much!

The end of last week mommy treated you to a doughnut date and a trip to the park for being such a good girl at my doctor appointment. The following day when we went to the farm for our share, we got to pick peas for the first time this year. You were so much better at it than last year and we filled our boxes in no time.

On Sunday, mommy's dear friend Charlotte treated her to a manicure and pedicure. Little did I know, while I was gone a lot was happening at home. Aunt Rhi and Uncle Matt planned a 'moon and stars' surprise baby shower for when I returned. Pretty decorations, yummy food, sweet gifts from family, and the biggest surprise of all, Grandma and Poppa Stan drove up from North Carolina to attend! It was such a nice time and mommy was so surprised and happy.

Grandma and Poppa Stan stayed for a couple nights and we got to go out for lunch and to the park with them and your cousin Grace. Baby Grace is also going to gain a sibling later this year and we just found out she'll have a little brother! Yeah! You two will be such great big sisters!

Well, mommy needs her rest! Love you!

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